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Welcome to 20th Gillingham Scout Group

Welcome to the 20th Gillingham Scout Group!

We are the best Scout Group in the World. Or maybe that should be Kent. Or Gillingham. Or maybe even just Hempstead.

Anyway, we're pretty funky.

For general enquiries please email hello@20thgillingham.com and someone will respond

Here's a table to summarise who to contact if you'd like to get involved:

SectionMeeting TimeLeader's Contact Details
Chinook Beavers (mixed) Tuesday 5.30pm 6.30pmEmail Bubbles
Tornado Explorers (mixed)Tuesday 7:30pm to 9:00pm Email Woodsy
Spitfire Cubs (mixed)Wednesday 6:00pm to 7:30pmEmail Akela Lou
BrowniesThursday 6.00pm 7.30pmEmail Eve
Hercules Beavers (Mixed) Fridays 4.45pm 5.45pmEmail Rainbow
Hurricane Cubs (mixed)Friday 6.00pm 7.30pmEmail Raksha
Scouts (mixed)Friday 7.45pm 9.15pmEmail Tracy
Group Scout LeaderEmail Roger Lovesey

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