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The Wheels on the Bus...

The 20th has a rather nice new minibus. It's nice on the outside and on the inside................let's all do our best to keep it like that! 

 Although it's a pest, when washing the bus please take an extra 5 minutes to leather it off, especially under the windows. It will save hours of elbow grease polishing out the black streaks!


Food on the Bus..

Can I please remind drivers that the passengers should not consume food, sweets or drink anything on the bus, for one I am fed up with having to pick up sweet wrappers, RL.

Minibus confirmed bookings

Here are the current confirmed bookings. If you (as a section leader) would like to reserve the minibus - contact Roger on 01634-722598.
2 July2017 GSL Airport
19 - 23 August 2017
Summer Camp
15- 17 Sep 2017 Scouts Buckmore Park
24 Nov 2017 Scouts LGF - Climbing
8 Dec 2017 Scouts Xmas Treat
13 April 2018 Scouts Matts Hill
18 May 2018
Scouts Buckmore Park
16 June 2018 Group Family Funday
13 July 2018 Scousts Mote Park

Drivers please note:

When you are completing the mandatory prior-to-use inspection, if you come across a problem please report
the details on the paper form as before , and also on the Minibus Faults thread in the Leaders Forum Page.
We will then do our best to rectify the problem before the bus is due to be used by the next poor, unsuspecting driver.
Thank you MD & RV.

VOSA Guidelines

 Driver fatigue
All drivers should be aware of the risk to passenger safety which can result from driving when tired. It is not sensible to embark on a long trip after a full day's work, whether that work involves driving or not. Breaks should be built into journey planning - aim to have a break from driving of at least fifteen minutes every two hours. If driving under EC rules a break of at least 45 minutes after 4 ½ hours of driving is required. If driving under domestic drivers' hours rules a break of at least 30 minutes is required after 5 ½ hours of driving.
What you may charge passengers
 You can set fares or contributions at a level to recover the costs of running the vehicle, including an allowance for vehicle depreciation and drivers' wages. However fares must not be set at a level which would produce a regular surplus of income over expenditure because that would be a profit-making operation and would not eligible under the section 19 permit scheme. In this case you would be likely to need PSV operator's licence.

Group Minibus Rules:

Effective From 4th January2011
1] The mini bus is for the use of the members of the 20th Gillingham Scout Group only any use by any other persons must be approved by the Group Leaders Meeting.
2] Each section will be required to contribute an equal amount towards the running costs of the mini bus. The amount to be set by the Group Leaders Meeting.
3] The mini bus may only be used for the transport of individuals and their personal equipment [and in this rule “Personal Equipment” means day sacks; coats; waterproofs etc.]The mini bus may not be used for the transport of any other equipment.
4] All users of the mini bus must report any defects/damage by noting them in the appropriate record. All required pre travel checks must be recorded on the appropriate form.
5] The mini bus must be cleaned within seven days after every use or the date of next use whichever is earlier.
6] The Quartermaster Team will endeavour to check the condition of the bus after each use to ensure it is in good order and all defects/damage have been noted.
7] The distance the bus has travelled on each use must be noted in the appropriate record.
8] In place of a rate per mile/kilometre of use all users will be required to ensure the fuel tank is returned to full within the time limits prescribed by rule 5.
9] In the event that the distance travelled is so short that rule 8 cannot be complied with an amount of the cost of the estimated fuel use shall be paid into the mini bus fund.
10] Food & drink should not be consumed on the mini bus unless weather conditions are such that it is not possible for consumption to take place outside the mini bus. Should this take place then all wrappers, bottles etc must be taken out of the bus at the end of the use notwithstanding the time allowances set in rule 5.
11] These rules may be changed or dispensed with by the Group Leaders Meeting provided that 28 days notice of the intention to change or dispense has been given and not less than two thirds of those present at the meeting approve the change.
12] If necessary rule 11 may be dispensed with and changes or revocation made without notice by the Group Leaders Meeting provided not less than two thirds of those present agree.

Fundraising for new bus

Current total: £1712.11Starting again for the next updated bus, our new bus is all ready in line to be replaced once we have raised more money, and you thought it was over!
Page last updated on Apr 28, 2018
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