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The Tornado's ESU - the 20th Gillingham Explorer Unit

About Us


The Explorers cater for the 14-18 age range. We're a mixed unit, currently with 7 members - and a active contingent of "past members" who join us for fun when possbile! When we're not busy picking fights with other Units (which is important - we're using it for our "skill" section of our D of E awards), we meet on Tuesday's @ 7.30pm at the Hempstead Scout HQ. We also go on lots of camps, hikes, tours of brothels/breweries/bakeries, and all other good things that are expected of Explorer Scouts.

Forthcoming Activities

We run lots of events throughout the year, check out the explorers own website and have a look around.






 We're the oldest Explorer Scout Unit in the UK. The Originals. The Daddies. Don't believe us? Think your unit's been around longer? Well, you're wrong. We started our Explorer Unit when it was just a glint in the Chief Scout's eye in the year 2000. Still don't believe us? Then we CHALLENGE you to a competion, of any variety. You win, and you can claim the accolade of being The Originals. 'Till then, shurrup.

Further Information

Much more detail can be found on our own website, which looks remarkably similar to this one... :-)

Want to join us?

 If you have liked what you have read or want to find out if the rumors that Explorer scouts have lots of fun. The please E-mail us at; a75woods@outlook.com  or go to our own website and find a meeting you like and come along.

Page last updated on Mar 3, 2024
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