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Sun Run 2014

Sun Run 2014

The Sun Run event dates all the way back to 1983, having always taken place in the Cheltenham area and been renounded as one of the best organised events in the Scouting calendar. 


Sadly the land which the Sun Run takes place on has been bought and there are plans to develop the farm - meaning that after many years of putting on this fantastic event the committee have made the decision that 2014 will be the last year the Sun Run will take place.


Recently the event has been attended by those who have left Explorers a few years back and those currently within this section, however over the years the majority of long term leaders in the group have been on the event, with others probably hearing of it. As it is the last year we feel it would be appropriate to invite everyone old and new from the leadership team, past group members who have attended or never had the chance to attend, along with those explorers over the age of 17 to come along and enjoy that will hopefully be a memorable finale to the Sun Run.


For those who haven't heard of the event - rough plan;


Depart HQ and head over the Cheltenham

Arrive mid afternoon - set up tent

Have 'a few' drinks in the sunshine

Cook or arrange fish and chips

Head down to a disco and party (with bar) barn, with bands and acts on until early morning



Leisurely lie in and breakfast before a day of activities starts up

Try our hand at the Tug of War competition, try various inflatable activities, some kind of spinning fair ground ride and enter other competitions or alternatively chill out watch professional good quality acts and performers on the field stage.

Eat a hearty meal in the evening before the main event (starts around 7pm) - the Sun or Moon Run.

Sun Run - 26 mile cross country run / jog / walk - with various food stops for pizza / straws and cream along the way

Moon Run - 12 mile cross country run



Breakfast & pack down the tents

Watch the ceremonies for teams who have won the runs or competitions

Head back home for early evening


If your wondering how much - normally a ticket sets your back £22 with a further £15-18 for transport and food. I think you'd all agree it really is worth it!


At the time of me writing this we literally just came back last night - so whilst still fresh in my mind I thought I would get the dates added to diaries and hopefully spur up a bit of interest. The 2014 event dates are Friday 4th July to Sunday 6th July


It would be fantastic to have a good turn out for the last event, hopefully many of you will be able to attend! Add yourself to the tracker below if you are interested and I'll update this page again in due course.




Ben Hunter

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