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Race Night

The 7th Annual RACE NIGHT - Saturday 18th October 08

Tickets now on sale - application form here: racenight.pdf
That s right - the world famous Explorer Scouts Race Night is back for its SEVENTH amazing year! It's a fun fundraising evening aimed at ALL parents and friends of ALL sections in the 20th Scout Group. And it usually turns out to be a cracker...

For those uninitiated folks amongst you, the Race Night is a spectacle to behold. We project a series of horse race films onto a big screen, build up that racing atmosphere, and give you the opportunity to place bets on those sure-fire nags. 50 pence on Dobbin? You could win millions*!

In true bookmaker style, of course, we take a cut... but you can be sure that in the unlikely event that you don t come away with your mortgage paid off, you ll have contributed to the Kent Air Ambulance, 20th Gillingham Group funds, and the Explorer Unit's kitty. The latter two of which go towards providing excellent facilities and experiences for our young people, and the former of which rescues us when we fall off mountains.

It gets even better! You ve got the opportunity to buy a horse in advance, for the princely sum of 2. You choose the name of the horse, and both you and the horse appear in lights in our programme! Forget five minutes of fame - this will give you three HOURS of it!

So, what do you need to know?
  • When? 7:30pm on Saturday 18th October
  • Where? Hempstead Scout HQ, Dukes Meadow Drive
  • What to eat? We provide a ploughmans supper in a genuine nose-bag** !
  • What to drink? Bring your own!
  • Who? This evening is aimed at adults. Accompanied children are welcome, but no groups of youngsters, please
  • How much? 5 per ticket in advance, or 8 on the night
Get your tickets by printing this - racenight.pdf - and returning the form to any of the addresses listed, or by phoning Rich, Dave or Neil, or by emailing leaders@explorerscouts.info. Hurry though - it's not far away!

See you on the 18th for a fantastic evening of racing!

* - winning of millions is not guaranteed. The value of your horse may go down as well as up, unless it s called FTSE 100, in which case, sorry.
** - while stocks of genuine nosebags last. Otherwise, plates will be supplied. Boring we know, but...
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