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Air Activities

What is Air Scouting

The 20th Gillingham is an Air Scout Group, recognised by the RAF as Unit 48. Air Scouting is a branch of Scouting, not a separate organisation. It is based on the same fundamental Scouting Aims & Methods. Air Scouts follow the core balanced programme for their section but then add a aeronautical twist to the programme and activities. Many Troops and Explorer Units meet more than once a week in the summer period and the additional meetings are used to develop aeronautical skills and airmanship training. It is not training for an Air Force career, although Air Scout training can be very useful for young people who are so interested. Air Scouts start with the Scout section as part of a Air Scout Group, or as a Air Scout Patrol in a "standard" Group. Explorer Air Scouts can be found in Units directly linked through partnership agreements to Air Scout Groups, water activity centres or as part of other District based units. Cub Scouts and Beaver Scouts in an Air Scout Group follow the same programme as all other Cubs/Beavers albeit with the likelihood of some air based activities being provided by the Scout section.

Forthcoming Activities

Gliding with the Explorers

The Explorers are going gliding again - this time at the Windrusheres Gliding Club as part of their Summer Camp. We can't wait!

More Flying...

We'll be going gliding and microlighting again soon - we're aiming for early in the Autumn 2008 term. This will be open to Scouts and Explorer Scouts. Anyone who's interested, drop a line to leaders@explorerscouts.info and we'll keep you updated.

Previous Activities

Kent Scouts Air Camp - June 2008

5 leaders and 15 youngters from Cubs, Scouts and Explorers represented the Group at the County Air Camp, held on a private airfield near Yalding, Maidstone. The young people experienced parascending, microlighting, model making, fire ballons, kites, and more. A full article is published here: 2008 Air Camp

Gliding with the Explorers - April 2008

8 Explorer Scouts made the pilgrammage to Lasham Gliding Club for a morning's flying. The youngsters experienced two flights each - starting with an exhilerating winch launch, and involving as much hands-on control of the gliders as they dared!

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Visit to RAF Cottesmore - Febuary 2008

8 Explorer Scouts and 3 Scouts were treated to an exclusive tour of RAF Cottesmore. They were introduced to the Harrier Engineering and Maintenance facilities; met the RAF police dogs; were shown the RAF Fire Service, got a fly-past in the Air Traffic Control Tower, and came back with large grins...


Visit to RAF Mildenhall - Febuary 2010

Scouts, Explorers and Leaders treated to a visit on the American base, starting with Pizza and pop, visits to the fire department, guard dog section, boarding a stratotanker and a talk from one of the pilots being the highlight.


Visit to Farnborough Air Show 2010

Scout camp take in the show whilst away on summer Camp.


Visit to Biggin Hill 2010

Spifires and Hurricanes visit the fire department at Biggin Hill and get wet! Visit to the RAF Chapel and local museum to see a Hurricane Engine form a plane the crashed in WW2.


Visit to RAF Henlow 22nd August 2012

Leaders Roger Ashby SL, Dave Hurst ASL, Dave Mackender Helper, Roger Lovesey GSL.

Explorer Scout Alex Platt guest Andrew and Alice.

Scouts: Jade, Megan, Steven, Ben, Liam, Talitha, Grace and Suzie.

Visit included a visit to the pool for life-boat drill, basics on flying and aeroplane controls with avisit to a hanger, visiting the RAF Regimant with a demonstration of firearms used and combat first aid, (where the GSL fell asleep)!

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