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ShoeShine 2012
  Monday 29th Tuesday 30th Wednesday 31st
8 to 10

Emma B, Paul S,

Mike D

Roger L, Mike D

Diane S, Wendy

Roger L

10 to 12 Emma B, Robert F Katherine H, Mike D Diane S, Wendy
12 to 2 Katherine H, Paul S Emma B, Dave M Wendy, Dave M
2 to 4 Mike D, Paul S Emma B, Dave M Wendy, Dave M
4 to 6 Diane S, Paul S Mike D, Denise S
Emma B, Wendy
6 to 8 Becky L, Denise S, Paul S Becky L, Paul S Emma B, Robert F


Many thanks to all leaders that gave up their time to help at Shoeshine, and thank you to all the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers that helped us raise valuable funds by 'persuading' the public to give up their hard earned cash and doing such a grand job polishing the shoes.

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Attendees (4)

Katherine Hurst, Roger Lovesey, Mike Dowsett, Denise Searle,
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