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Scouts Expedition

Scouts Expedition Challenge

In March, 3 Scouts braved the elements and completed their Expedition Challenge . . . .




On Saturday 20th march 2010, Daniel, Adam and I went on our scout hike. We had to carry rucksacks on our back with our food, tent, and something to cook our food on a trangen. Even though that weighed a lot we still had to carry clothes and our lunch which took up valuable space and added weight. we didn’t get off for a good start we got lost in Hempstead!!!, we went to spekes road not chapel lane. It went very well after that. We were walking for a very short time but it felt like a lifetime. We were all really hungry and we couldn’t wait for lunch and when it came to it we weren’t happy because ewe got to have some food but we were also happy because we got a long rest. But the rest wasn’t so good because afterwards our feet were sore. Towards the end we all just wanted to give up. When we finally got to the campsite no one wanted to put up the tent or cook but Daniel and I did otherwise we would have no where to sleep or anything to eat.



The next morning everyone was aching for the day before, but we knew that walking was the only way to get home. Getting home was easier because it was shorter because we were using bearings and they are easier then grid references. The last part was the worst because you thought you were near the end but you weren’t. when we finally arrived at the pub we were relieved that we could get a drink and that we had finally finished.


Jordan Attis.




On March 20th-21st, three of us, Adam, Daniel and Jordan, went on a hike to earn a badge. We had to walk 20 miles over the weekend whilst carrying heavy packs. These packs had everything we needed in; clothes, the tent, food, sleeping bag, cookery etc. We walked across many fields and had to keep to the right of ways so we did not destroy too many of the crops that the farmer was growing. To find the scout field where we were sleeping, we had to find grid references and follow the map to get to them. We had already made the route cards that we were using on the day so we had a rough idea as to where we were going. We had lunch on the way there and a quick snack to keep us going. The next time we ate was when we were at the field and the tent was up. We cooked a stir fry which kept us warm and had a hot chocolate. We were in bed and asleep by 8:00 because we were so tired. The following day we got up at 6:30, ready to continue the hike at 8:30. This time, instead of grid references we had to find a bearing and head in that direction. This was a bit easier because there was less use of the map which meant we could concentrate on the compass more than the map. We eventually came to the top of a hill. We followed the path down to the road and then we had finished. After a drink at the “Dirty Habit” pub, we were on the Scout minibus ready to come home. When we arrived at the scout hut, we were greeted by our parents and a hot bath to get rid of all the dirt and tiredness! Accompanying the three of us on the hike were Robert and Roger, both of which help with the scout unit.

Adam Wigmore.






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