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  We meet on Friday evenings between 19.45 and 21.15 hours and cater for adventurous young people aged 10 1/2 to 14 1/2, the Troop is mixed.

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Quiz Questions and answers:


  1. What is the Scout Motto?                                           Be Prepared

  2. Who Started the Scout Movement?                         Robert Bayden-Powell

  3. Who is the Patron Saint of Scouting?                       St George

  4. What hand do Scouts use to shake hands with?    The Left

  5. How many fingers do we salute with?                     Three

  6. What do the three fingers represent?                     Promise, Law and a good turn every day

  7. What year did Scouting begin?                                 1907

  8. Where was the first Scout Camp Held?                   Brownsea Island

  9. Who is the Chief Scout?                                              Bear Grylls

  10. What year did Air Scouting start?                             1941

  11. Who is the Patron of Scouting?                                The Queen

  12. Name the three countries on the Union Flag        Ireland, Scotland and England

  13. Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland?                      St Andrew

  14. Patron Saint of Ireland?                                             St Patrick

  15. Patron Saint of Wales?                                              St David               

  16. What is the Scout Emblem?                                     Fleur-de-Lys

  17. What is the knot on the World Friendship badge?             Reef Knot

  18. Why do Air Scouts wear a Beret?                            To keep their hair clean

  19. Use for a scarf?                                                           1st Aid: Triangular Bandage

  20. Use for the Scout belt Buckle                                   Bottle opener.

Hope you alll remember the answers for next time!


2-1 to the GSL. 

















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